Brand name

Japanese techniques are extremely precise and have a fantastic creation potential. We want to take advantage of this potential to make beautiful tableware that will enhance your wine degustation pleasure. This is the spirit of TSURU.

My family is in the iron steel industry business, in my work I am constantly in contact with factories, people involved in the business and all kinds of artisans and artists. Thanks to this experience I want to connect ideas, inspirations, development and production of new products.

Many SME’s have really incredible technical skills, I want to bring new energy to these techniques and cheer the workers up. I want to offer fresh ideas and designs.

With this brand I want to contribute to the great local business image and I would be proud if I could also have a chance to contribute to the global Japanese image.

I would be extremely happy if our products are used in daily life to put all kinds of people together.

Enjoy using the Japanese wine tableware TSURU.